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Indian spices are loved by people from all over the world. Spices are the real reason behind exotic flavour’s in Indian food. Indian cooks use a variety of spices for seasoning traditional Indian recipes. The popularity of Indian recipes has increased worldwide demand for Indian spices.

India has an ideal climate for growing spices which is why it is the largest producer of spices in the world. Different kinds of spices grow in each region of India due to different climatic conditions across the country. Out of the 109 spices listed with International Organization for Standardization(ISO), 75 types of spices are produced in India. Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Gujrat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu etc. contribute majorly to the spice production in India. India has a history of trading spices with Rome and China in the ancient and medieval time period. Spice export has played an important role in strengthening Indian economy. VLC is a renowned spices manufacturer in India as they supply a wide range of spices all over the world.

We at VLC Spices gained the reputation as the best spices supplier in India due to premium quality spices we supply all over the globe. Our products include a wide range of whole spices, ground spices, blended spices, curry powder and baking spices. We are one of the few spice exporters in India with a reputation for high product quality, impressive service and various packing options.

At VLC Spices, we believe in client-centric approach. As an Indian spice wholesaler, we have earned trust and confidence of our global customers by delivering superior quality products within the stipulated time frame. We use fast delivery methods to cut down transport time and deliver goods to our clients.

VLC is the most trusted spice exporter in India that provides spices at most competitive rates in the global market. For BEST quality spices outside India with short and reliable delivery times, approach VLC spices today!


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